"Like the study of science and art, accounts of historical events can be intrinsically fascinating. But they have a wider significance. I believe that people are better able to chart their life course and make life decisions when they know how others have dealt with pressures and dilemmas---historically, contemporaneously, and in works of art. And only equipped with such understanding can we participate knowledgeably in contemporary discussions (and decisions) about the culpability of various individuals and countries in the Second World War. Only with such understanding can we ponder the responsibilty of human beings everywhere to counter current efforts at genocide in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia to bring the perpetrators to justice."
"...we humans are the kinds of animals who learn chiefly by observing others---what they value, what they spurn, how they conduct themselves from day to day, and especially, what they do when they believe that no one is looking."
----Howard Gardner, from The Disciplined Mind, published in 1999

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?; or, It's Been a Hard Day's Night (and I've Been Working Like a Dog)

I've been thinking about you , dear reader---and wondering how you are doing.
How I miss our visits together!
My new job is requiring so much of my time right now; thus, my lack of posting.
But you, dear reader, as kind and as clever as you are, you already knew this.
I'm taking it day by day.
Take good care.
I'll talk with you soon.


Anita said...

It's good to be busy. See you when we see you. You take care too, and keep smiling.

Anita said...

Instant mashed potatoes?!!! You really are busy!

neroli said...

Dear Anita, it is so good to see your smiling face :)!
You continue to grace those you come in contact with...*how* did you ever know that instant mashed potatoes were on the table tonight?!?
(grinning with surprise)

The Artist formerly Known as Purpleworms (!) said...

You are on my mind and I hope all is well. Like you , I have had little time for blogs of late, but we know this too will pass and one day we will have a cup of tea and a moment to sit and relax and muse about coconut palms and saffron rice. Be good to yourself!

captain corky said...

Take care Neroli, you know I'm always here, somewhere. ;)

Pravs said...

how are you ??

neroli said...

Artist, as always, you guide and inspire me. I'm looking forward to our moment of tea. Be good to yourself, also!

Corky, thank you---I'm glad :)!

Dear Pravs, it's so good to see you...if I had to choose one word, I'd choose *tired* ;)
I hope that you have been well, my friend!

I have lots of neckties said...

Re: Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Take a look. Very bizarre:


neroli said...

Oh! my! goodness!
Thanks, Neckties :)!

Linda said...

Hi Neroli, it's good to see you whenever you have the time. This blogging business is a low-pressure portion of life :)

bee said...

hope you are well and busy, dear neroli.

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