"Like the study of science and art, accounts of historical events can be intrinsically fascinating. But they have a wider significance. I believe that people are better able to chart their life course and make life decisions when they know how others have dealt with pressures and dilemmas---historically, contemporaneously, and in works of art. And only equipped with such understanding can we participate knowledgeably in contemporary discussions (and decisions) about the culpability of various individuals and countries in the Second World War. Only with such understanding can we ponder the responsibilty of human beings everywhere to counter current efforts at genocide in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia to bring the perpetrators to justice."
"...we humans are the kinds of animals who learn chiefly by observing others---what they value, what they spurn, how they conduct themselves from day to day, and especially, what they do when they believe that no one is looking."
----Howard Gardner, from The Disciplined Mind, published in 1999

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gautama, Take the Wheel; or, It's Raining Puppets

I am most fond of the "Mutts" comics. Patrick Mc Donnell's work is absolutely marvelous, and makes me very happy.
The Little Pink Sock is a frequent character. It is the much-loved object of the Mooch, the kitty protagonist.

Puppets continue to pop up all over the place for me: they are singing karaoke, they sit as part of an imaginary audience to alleviate stage fright, or they become shadows projected on the wall by the light of a camp lantern to alleviate a little boy's fear at sleeping alone, for after all, he's used to sharing the room.
Now the Little Pink Sock is in on the act!
It makes me very happy.
So on this day when some Buddhists celebrate the first Turning of the Wheel of Dharma, I wish for you, dear reader, to have time to be with your own Little Pink Sock today, and to be happy and well.

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min said...

Did little pink sock have a part in "Being John Malkovich"? No? That must have been some other puppet.

neroli said...

Ohmygosh, Little Pink Sock gets that all the time---he's used to it.
It was Sock Monkey in that part.